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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Let's Kick This Off

To myself, welcome to your new and fifth (or sixth? or seventh?) blog. Where's that blog planning sheet you found online the other day? And you need to gather those lists of possible blog posts and staple them to the planner. Maybe it will motivate you to keep this, this blog, alive and kicking and breathing. For longer than two months. 

To the rest of the world (meaning my mother and maybe a handful of random friends), welcome to my new and fifth (or sixth? or seventh?) blog. No, I don't think you've read those other blogs. Yes, maybe I will export everything/some things to this one, at least the ones I haven't regretted posting. I will mostly write about crafts that I found online and want to do but never had time for, my kids and how awesome they are, and my opinions about world events, not that anybody cares but hey, it's my blog. 

I named this blog jammified because I think I think better in my jammies. In my house, we tell the kids (well, the older one for now), to go and jammify. That's when all the fun begins. There's lots of lounging, snuggling, tickle-fests. We watch a movie, pop the corn, fix hot chocolate, surf the net, have impromptu dance parties, sing karaoke, make red velvet pancakes. There's something about the warm embrace of jammies that bring out the best in us and in ordinary, everyday things. Don't you agree it's always nicer to read a book with jammies on and a cup of tea beside you? And feel free to assume that this blog will be written in the dead of the night, when the kids are in dreamland, I'm jammified, and I finally get the peace and quiet and the technology to feed the creative monster inside. 

So c'mon, get jammified and let's kick this off. 

This blog is best enjoyed in jammies.

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